Help create guided tours/tutorials with CA DOJ data

With the OpenJustice initiative, the California Department of Justice seeks to promote transparency, public trust, and informed policy making. A key focus is on creating a community of practice around open criminal justice data. Inspired by the data usability tutorials built by the US Department of Commerce, we invite to build similar use cases with data released by the CA DOJ.

Potential projects

Work on one or more the following themes, and build a tutorial style page similar to the model here.
  1. Create better data stories for existing pages on the OpenJustice site.
    • Arrests?
    • Deaths in Custody?
  2. Create interactive visualization/data exploration tools for agency level data
  3. Build a predictive model using DOJ + contextual(external) data
  4. Feel free to explore all our datasets and come up with analysis and viz of interest to you.